Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery


  • Treatment of simple and complex endometriosis, including excision of endometriomas, always with ovarian sparing techniques.

  • Laparoscopic tuboplasty for treatment of tubal disease and adhesions.

  • Excision of benign ovarian neoplasms/cysts including dermoid, or oophorectomy for benign or malignant disease.


Advanced hysterectomy techniques:

  • Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy.

  • Laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy.

  • Total laparoscopic hysterectomy.



  • Endometrial ablation using rollerball or rollerbar.

  • Resection of small and large fibroids and/or polyps.

  • Septum resection and correction of uterine anomalies.

  • Treatment of Asherman's syndrome.