Ontario's Fertility Program - IUI Funding

Ontario's Fertility Program for Intra-uterine Insemination is intended to provide services to benefit residents of Ontario grow their family. Eligibility for funding requires a valid Ontario health card (OHIP). Access to the program is not based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, or family status, and is not restricted to individuals with a medical diagnosis of infertility. Eligible patients have access to an unlimited number of funded IUI cycles over their lifetime.

Services included in a Funded IUI Cycle:

  • Medical assessments and counseling by a physician or nurse;

  • Cycle monitoring of ovarian follicle production and ovulation;

  • Diagnostic laboratory services (blood work during the fertility cycle)

  • Diagnostic imaging services including pelvic and trans-vaginal ultrasounds

  • IUI procedure


Ancillary Services NOT covered under the Program:

An IUI cycle may have unfunded ancillary services delivered in support of the procedure. To access these products or services, patients are required to pay out-ofpocket.

Examples are:

  • Medication/drugs for the IUI cycle

  • Sperm washing and preparation

  • Purchase of donor sperm

  • Genetic testing


For more information about the Fertility Program, please contact our office at 519-944-6400.