The fertility journey can sometimes be a simple well paved path, while at other times, there can be bumps along the road. To help patients navigate this journey fertility coaches can be an integral part of improving the experience. The VRC medical, nursing and administrative teams are here for you round the clock and we provide world-class medical service. However, for some patients, an extra degree of hand-holding can make the journey that much easier to tolerate. Victory Reproductive Care supports the practice of fertility coaching for all of our patients who feel this could improve their experience. Fertility coaching can help with stress and the mental struggle with a diagnosis of infertility and the respective treatments. Fertility coaches provide one-on-one emotional support as well as advice on navigating choices and options. Empathy, compassion and personal experience are often the hallmarks of an excellent coach. These coaches have a range of treatment options and each coach is unique in the way they interact and treat their patients. Some fertility coaches that we at VRC recommend are:

Fertility Blooms

Hello, my name is Crystal, I’m a fertility sister and a fertility coach. I have battled infertility for many years, and have gone through almost everything you can imagine, from miscarriages to the rare ovarian ectopic pregnancy. The highs and lows through the years of IUI’s, IVF’s, and all the emotions, along with financial pressures that come with this, has been exhausting, as most of you reading this will be able to relate too. When I started my journey, I felt very alone, as I am sure most of you do too. Infertility can be extremely isolating. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. I had no idea, that there were so many tools out there that could increase my chances to have a healthy pregnancy. I thought the doctors had all the solutions, and all I had to do was show up. Yes, I was the typical type A girl, answering calls while being on the ultrasound table. Along my journey, I have learned some valuable lessons. I became a certified fertility coach, and now my mission is to help you, bring home the baby you have been dreaming of. I will walk with you on your journey, become part of your fertility team, and share with you all the tools and resources I have. I will be your support system and your fertility cheerleader to get you through all the bumps on the road. I would like to offer you a Complimentary Fertility Coaching Session where we will discuss where you are on your journey, and what steps and support you need to help move forward. With a Smile, Crystal

London Fertility Concierge

Melissa McNicol proudly offers confidential and informative support to couples and individuals through all aspects of their journey. As a former fertility patient, Melissa innately understands the rollercoaster of emotions and applies this wealth of personal experience to managing the hundreds of clients she has serviced throughout the years, saving them money and expediting the process. Some of her specialty services include: Providing in home and virtual injection training. Attending appointments with you virtually for advocacy, recall and for note taking. In person, telephone or virtual Fertility Consultations to discuss every aspect of your diagnosis, treatment, expectations and taking all the extra time you need to feel comfortable, confident and educated. Staying with you when you have a confirmed pregnancy as a Certified Doula and Parent Educator. One on one Childbirth Education Classes in the comfort of your home or virtually. Monthly fertility support groups in person and virtual as well as other annual events such as a candle lighting for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and an annual Fertility Awareness Calendar.