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Body weight has a significant impact on patients’ ability to conceive, IVF success, pregnancy risks, delivery risks and the health of child. The greater a person’s BMI, the greater the risks. Your best chance to have a healthy child without complications, is to ensure your body weight is within recommended guidelines first.

An in-depth look at Endometriosis. From diagnosing to treatment options. We discuss in detail how fertility can be affected and what are the different treatment options available for Endometriosis including Natural Pathetic and other options. If you have questions please post them below and we will do our best to answer them.

#FertilityFactorFiction - Video Library of Fertility Fact or FIctions. There are many rumours surrounding fertility and what treatments work and don't work. Dr VIctory weekly goes into these topics and take your questions live on Facebook , Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.