International Clients

We are a highly multicultural and qualified team spread around the globe, managing Canadian journeys for international Intended Parents’ (IPs) in different regions.

Specialized in a global clientele

Serving you in your region and in your language. Each one of our team members has had personal experience with this process and really understands what you are going through. Many of us are past clients turned colleagues.


We help you start and finish your journey to parenthood We are well-versed in all things related to parenthood journeys in Canada and stand ready to help you.


Newborn insurance

We never like to think about things not going as planned, but nature rules in every pregnancy. That is why we will work with you to find a health insurance provider for your newborn, so that you’re prepared for the unexpected, should your little one decide to arrive prematurely or has any complications. Like any other insurance, this will give you the much needed peace of mind, especially as a non-Canadian resident.

Personalized Care

A dedicated medical specialist will oversee all your testing and treatment, ensuring your unique needs are met

Comprehensive Services

Our many in-house services will give you a variety of options at every turn

Accomplished Team

Our respected team of professionals has been providing fertility care with precision

Pioneering Science

With the largest research team in the country, we are always working on ways to advance the success of your treatment

Our team is devoted to providing you with the best customer experience and guidance during your surrogacy journey Hiring a skilled and professional team to help you navigate the entire process in Canada from abroad is essential.